Using the W5 Outlook Add-In

  1. To send an email to W5 that you have received

    1. Either in the viewing pane or the message window click “Change” (as seen in Figure 1 below)

    2. To send the email to W5, click the “Send Email to W5” check box and either type in the full file number or press the search button to search for the file number.

    3. To send any attachments within the email to W5, click the “Send To W5” check box beside the attachment that you wish to send, and enter a File number or search for one. Attachments will be added to the File in W5 as documents.

    4. Note: You can choose to send the email, the attachments, or both. The email does NOT need to be sent to W5 for the attachments to be able to be stored as documents on the file.

    5. Then press the “Send To W5” button at the bottom of the form.

  2. To send an email to W5 that you are about to email

    1. Within the Email composition form, you will notice a small region at the bottom labeled “Send New Email to W5”.

    2. Click the File # field or the File search button. This will cause a “W5 File Search” form to display.

    3. On the “W5 File Search” form, either enter the File # or press the Lookup button to search for a File #.

    4. Press the “Set” button.

    5. Now as soon as the email has been sent, the W5 Outlook Add-In will automatically attempt to send the email to W5.


Extra Notes

  • The W5 Outlook Add-In is fully capable of queuing up the emails and attachments to be sent to W5. So you can be offline and still specify File #s on emails, and then when W5 comes online, the emails will be sent out. File searches are not available when offline.

  • W5 must be running in order for the Outlook Add-in to be online. If it is offline and you do have W5 running, you may need to click on the “W5 (offline)” button and then click on the “Login / Re-Login” button to force it to login/go online.

  • Within the reading pane, you will also notice a W5 region at the bottom that indicates the File # that the email is attached to and the current status.

  • If you ever see that there was any difficulty in sending an email to W5, you will first of all notice some text that simply says “(Error)”. If you hover over this text, the real error will be displayed in a tooltip. Also, you can right-click this text to “Retry” or “Cancel”.

Figure 1


Figure 2