Unlocking W5 for Someone Locked Out Due to Too Many Login Attempts

1. Click on the Admin tab.

2. Click on Security (in the System Admin group).

3. Select Users.

4. Select User Maintenance.

5. Click on the User Id Lookup button.

6. Click on the Code for the person that is locked out due to too many logon attempts.

7. Remove the contents of the Failed Login Attempts field and enter 0 (zero).

8. Click on the Options tab (left panel).

9. Click on the Set Password button and enter a temporary password in the provided field.

10. Re-enter the newly set password in the Confirm Password field.

11. Click into the Force user to change password on next login checkbox.

12. Click on the Save button (on the bottom toolbar).

Note:  When advising the user of the new password, also indicate that they will be forced to change the password at that login.