Announcing our Newest Release of the W5 Claim Product!

Please contact us to arrange for your update which is available for free to all customers with a current support contract.

Details below.

Enhanced Templates for Documents and Reports

DOCX and XLSX Enhanced Document Templates

A better and more reliable template processing technology is now included within W5.  W5 now allows you to use the Word mail merge features to more accurately create documents from templates.  For Excel templates, W5 now allows for multiple records to be filled in from lists.

Please note that the RTF templates capability that you are familiar with is still fully operational and will continue to generate documents as they have in the past.

Reports using Enhanced Templates

Not only are the new templates more reliable, they also now give you the ability to create, customize and manage reports using enhanced templates. Invoices and reports have been, to-date, implemented in W5 by developers in the form of a report that was created using system fields.  You were unable to make changes to these reports as they were not modifiable.  Now with the use of Words mail merge functionality, you can create custom Claim-based reports and Invoice layouts by defining your own enhanced template.  This allows you to control:

  • Overall layout
  • Intended usage (e.g., file folder labels or claim report)
  • Level of data you want included using the new set of macros
  • Logo and address changes

You can generate reports on a single claim via Claim Maintenance, as well as generate reports that include data for multiple claims via File Search.  This is all accomplished using the new set of macros.

New Simple, User Customizable Macros

There are distinct benefits when using the new template file formats and macros with the W5 Claim V5.3.0.0 upgrade, however, the following template capabilities are available:

  • You can continue to create and use your current RTF templates as is (all macros will still work as previous).

  • Additionally, you can update your current RTF templates to include a combination of old and new macros!  Please note that when our clients need new macros to be created, we will be encouraging our clients to use the new set of macros.  As always we are here to help you determine the best way to get the result that you need.

  • You can take full advantage of the upgrade by developing and using the new enhanced template formats (using DOCX documents and XLSX spreadsheets) and new macro set!

  • You can also use many of the old macro names within new enhanced DOCX and XLSX templates as backward compatibility for most macros has been added.

    The new macros are more reliable and effective in the following ways:

The Current Way

With the Claims V5.3.0.0 Upgrade

By example:


Provides pre-defined sets of macros



You can pinpoint the information you want without waiting on a macro to be created that retrieves the information that you want, in the way you want.

To apply any special formatting, we would need to create or customize macros for you (e.g. formatting a date using a custom format)

Additional functions are available that are easily included in the macro used in the template.

.RTF (Rich Text Format) template format is outdated with limited functionality.

.DOCX (Word 2007+) template provides updated and enhanced capabilities and is more familiar to most users.

At times when making changes to macros in an RTF document template, you would have to re-type the entire macro.

Since the new template processing uses Mail Merge fields, when you need to change a macro, you can simply do so by changing the parts of the macro name that you need changed, without worrying about whether or not it will work.

There are more enhancements to come in future updates to help you choose which macros to use.

Enhanced Templates for Custom Reports

W5 currently has the ability to have Custom Reports created within it designed by Burkitt Computer.  These are used to accomplish very specific requirements set out by our customers or simply to return more information than what W5 does currently.  Sometimes Custom Reports are also required due to complicated requirements or calculations that cannot easily be accomplished using a template.

W5 now allows you to define one or more enhanced templates that can be hooked up to one or more Custom Reports.  This allows you to not only have the ability to export the results to Excel like you do currently, but additionally lets you define either a Word Document (DOCX) or an Excel Spreadsheet (XLSX) with custom formatting that can be used to present the results.  This is perfect for situations where in the past you were forced to copy/paste the results of a Custom Report into some formatted document, now you can define that format ahead of time and rely on W5 to fill it up for you.  Some examples: Custom loss runs, collections letters, etc.

When creating these templates, the creator of the custom report will provide some basic instructions as the field names that you use in the enhanced template are not the new macro set, but rather the field names defined within the Custom Report.  Each custom report needs to be enabled for this functionality before you are able to create such a template.  Please let us know when/if you want to use this functionality, and we will enable it for you on your custom report.

Export to and Import from XactAnalysis®

W5 is now able to accept new Claims, Documents, and Notes from an XactAnalysis® dataset. Additionally W5 can export Documents and Notes to XactAnalysis®.  This means that you can accept new claims without having to repeat the data entry.

The export and import functionality needs to be configured and setup by requesting this functionality from your XactAnalysis representative.  Also, Burkitt Computer will need to configure this functionality on your server for you.

W5 Web Page Compatibility Improvement

The W5 web pages have undergone an overhaul to ensure that all pages are now fully compatible with recent versions of all major web browsers.  Gone are the days of needing to use Internet Explorer Compatibility View.  This is particularly important if you have your clients connecting to the W5 web pages.  They can now use any major browser.

New Configurable Claim Entry Templates

Pre-defined templates can now be set up for different types of claims that you may frequently add within your W5.  These templates can vary on what information they collect.  Additionally some defaults can be setup for the new claim fields.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 is the programming framework now used by W5.  Upgrading from .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.5.2 allows us to move forward with new development and to fix issues. One issue in particular that was resolved as a result of this upgrade includes:

  • Diary Calendar on Windows 10 - clicking anywhere in the calendar causes W5 to crash in some circumstances.


Some essential details:

Does NOT Support Windows XP or Windows Server 2003

This .NET Framework upgrade does not support the Windows XP operating system.  Nor does it support Windows Server 2003.  If either of these are in use on computers that need to run W5, your computer(s) will need to be upgraded before continuing with this W5 update.

.NET Framework 4.5.2 on Desktop

During the W5 update, each workstation will be checked to ensure .NET Framework version 4.5.2 Full is installed. You will be given the opportunity to be redirected to the appropriate download page if needed.

Note that the .NET Framework 4.5.2 is generally deployed by Microsoft via Windows Update to Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1.  In general it will already be installed on most machines. Windows 10 comes with version 4.6 and as such will not need to install 4.5.2.

Pre-deployment Considerations

You may want to have your network / computer administrators consider installing this version of the .NET Framework before deploying the W5 upgrade as the end users might not have the required administrative rights to install it.  Please consult with your administrators.

Download Link:

During the W5 Update

For computers that do not have .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed, you will see this prompt.

If the computer is running Windows XP, you will see this.

Other Highlights in this Update

  • Claim - allow for Time entry on Action Dates.

Currently W5 allows you to specify custom Dates in the Action Dates section at the top right of the Claim form.  This change optionally allows you to also enter the time for each Date. (Note: this section only appears if you have Action dates configured.  Please let us know if you have a need to record custom dates and we can assist you in setting this up)

  • Document Library - various usability enhancements for Library and Template documents.

Various changes were made to this form to accommodate the new Enhanced Templates feature.  Library Documents now appear under their own “Library” folder in the left side panel.  Templates appear under a “Templates” folder, with additional sub-folders beneath for the various types of templates.  Sorting, Filtering, and Exporting capabilities were also added on this form.

  • Documents - Allow Document Class to default the Private flag to private, public, or the site config default value.

For those of you that have the W5 web pages in use, this feature may be useful for you.  Now each Document Class can help default the Private flag on Documents.  This allows you to rely on Document Classes to help you determine which documents should be seen by web users.

  • Eforms - ability to print an Eform.

You can now print Eforms by clicking the new “Print” button at the bottom each Eform panel.

  • General - enable the copying of selected grid cells to the clipboard by pressing

In most grids you can now copy the selected cell(s) by simply pressing the standard keyboard shortcut for copying, Ctrl-C.

  • Reserves - add Reserve Methodology rule to enforce Reserve vs Payment totals at the Category level.

W5 can now enforce that the payment total cannot exceed the reserve total within a Category in a Reserve container.

  • Contract Adjuster Invoice (Vendor Invoice) - ability to print a Vendor Invoice when printing the Client Invoice.

For those using the Adjuster Compensation features in W5, W5 can now generate a Vendor Invoice alongside your Client Invoice.  The Vendor Invoices are defined as new Enhanced Templates.

  • W5 now can be properly pinned to the Windows Taskbar

Previously when you pinned W5 to the taskbar, it would not update properly since it would continually prompt for updates.   Now W5 will launch and properly update even when launched from the taskbar.  Keep in mind that if you have W5 pinned previous to W5 version, it will still exhibit the update issue.  After you update however, you can pin to the taskbar and from that point forward, updates will occur properly.

Accounting Highlights

  • A/R Aging Report - add contact name within the details

  • A/R Aging Report - allow for the periods to be configurable

  • A/R screen - add File # and Claim # to the transaction lists

  • Accounting Export - added QB 2014 support

  • Accounting Export - QBSDK2 - handle scenario where W5 tries to apply a payment that has no distributions

Workflow Highlights

  • Action Trigger - ability to track various Queue events (for background processes)

  • Action Trigger - add a Response to Execute a Record Action

  • Action Trigger - add Conditions to check for Client on File and Policy pattern matching/mismatching

  • Action Trigger - add data queuing for custom processes

  • Action Trigger - capture the events on Cheque of Clearing, Voiding, Stop Paying, NSF

  • Action Trigger - capturing the event of an Action date being set, changed, or unset

  • Action Trigger - condition to check current File Status

  • Action Trigger - conditions to check Document and Note Private flags

  • Action Trigger - Conditions to check if a User-Defined Action has been executed/entered

  • Action Trigger - Conditions to check if the Resource has Changed or Not when the File is Transferred/Assigned

  • Action Trigger - Document Template conditions

  • Action Trigger - Names - ability to capture Add, Update, and Delete events

  • Action Trigger - Response that allows a Workflow to be Created

  • Action Trigger - Response that allows a Workflow to be moved to a specific Step

  • Action Trigger - Response that allows the direct execution of another On-Demand action trigger

  • Action Trigger - Response to Acknowledge the Claim

  • Action Trigger - Responses to set the Resource and/or Supervisor on the File

  • Action Trigger - Send Email response - allow for delayed delivery

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Auto-Start Forms - prevent them from starting automatically by holding the Shift key upon login

  • Claim - Optionally show Deductible Total in reserves list

  • Claim Search - add option to default the Office criteria to be set to the current Session Office

  • Custom Reports - ability to have reports appear on the Ribbon menu system (no end-user maintenance yet)

  • Custom Reports - ability to launch the report as a PDF instead of viewing in the W5 report viewer

  • Data Export - module to export data from the W5 Database to a file in the File System

  • Document Template – RTF Templates - added macros to retrieve Reserve and Payment Totals

  • Document Template – RTF Templates - added SetDateFormat and SetTimeFormat macros

  • Document Template – RTF Templates - UserSignature, OfficeLogo - allow for a custom width and height to be specified in inches

  • Document Template – RTF Templates - When requesting a single Insured or Claimant name and there are multiple, return the Primary name if present

  • File Numbering - allow for a site-level defined Policy year to be included in the File number being generated

  • File Search - ability to search for and display Eforms on Names

  • File System Monitor Service - for watching folders/FTP sites and copying/moving files to another folder/FTP site

  • Grid Context Menu - additional Export options for CSV and Fixed Width Text file

  • Name - increased First, Middle, and Last Name fields to 80 characters each

  • New Email - when creating a New Email using Outlook, do not require that the W5 Outlook Add-In is installed

  • New Email - when no email account is specified in W5, assume the account is to connect to Outlook

  • Queued Document Template - should record the user that requested the template as the author

  • Skill Levels - Allow for "Any" LOB and a specific TOL

  • Vendor Bills - add option to show these menu items (hide by default if option is not set)

  • WIP Reports - show Primary Name instead of Insured Name

  • Workflow Service - ability to export Documents to a folder on the Server

  • Workflow Service - Add ability to queue up the addition of a file on the server as a Document on a File

Bug Fixes

  • A/P Invoice Generation - in some cases, the A/P is associated with A/R Credit Adjustment instead of the A/R Invoice

  • A/R - able to apply more money on a transaction than what is outstanding on that transaction, even exceeding the original amount of the transaction

  • A/R - allowing other unrelated data to be selected/changed while in the middle of an operation, causing issues with the resulting data

  • A/R - Prevent Txn list refresh after save from listing all o/s txns

  • A/R - Prevent Zero value A/R distribution

  • Accounting Export - Error Handling not properly rendering error messages

  • Action Trigger - after adding/changing a condition or response, bottom button toolbar is mostly hidden

  • Action Trigger - Delayed Action Triggers do not work even when configured

  • Action Trigger - error: invalid parameter

  • Action Trigger - when generating a Document for issued Invoices and the resulting Document name exceeds 50 characters, then the Document does not get added

  • Action Trigger Maintenance - when parameter names or values have a slash in them and not using the Classic view in W5, hard error is thrown

  • Action Trigger Send Email - allowing emails to be queued where there is no "To" address

  • Allegient / Bottomline Export - in some cases, not properly exporting invoices on subscription claims; not exporting the full text of T+E entries

  • Batch Printing - If document error occurs when clicking view, unhandled exception occurs and W5 cannot be closed

  • Billing - Worksheet and Invoice generation - excessive detail records are being generated within the Invoice when calculating OOE1 (Office Overhead on Expenses)

  • Billing Contracts - when running the Billing Worksheet report and using the Markup routine, error: cannot insert null into column 'W5IS_RateFromSchedule'

  • Billing Contracts - when using the Markup routine, if a rate is not found a rating error is given instead of just not marking up the invoice

  • Cheque List - not properly searching for cheques requiring SUPERVISOR approval

  • Claim - Invoices - not refreshing after cancelling an invoice

  • Claim - Invoices - not refreshing after issuing an invoice

  • Claim Fact Sheet / File Brief reports - not paying attention to user security to limit which sections return data and what data to show in each section

  • Client on File - Change Policy popup - reassigning policy for a large number of Names with Reserves, causes error: maximum length of 4000 has been exceeded on Policy Data field

  • Custom Report Layout maintenance - only allowing 5 character codes, should allow 10

  • Diary Calendar - Printing does not allow Printer selection

  • Diary Maintenance - performing an additional file # formatting when saving, causing issues for files that are non-standard formats

  • Document Maint - cannot add new document linked from library which does not have description defined

  • Document Template - Eform macros only return a maximum of 256 characters of large text fields

  • Document Template - retrieving Eform data can cause errors if there are apostrophes present in the data being returned

  • Document Template Maintenance - the file name stored in the file system starts to get quite large when basing one template on another since the original file name is appended to the new template file name

  • Document Templates - Defaults for Site Options are not working right, causing various macros to not return the correct data

  • Document Templates - when the template is an XLSX spreadsheet or DOCX document and data being output contains an ampersand, the resulting document is seen as corrupted by Office

  • Documents - when adding a new document, if the user has it open/locked in the editor, W5 notifies the user but does not provide an opportunity to upload the document again

  • Eforms - spell check does not work

  • Email - Built-in W5 Email shows winmail.dat Attachment in certain circumstances

  • Email - when forwarding or replying to an email, in some circumstances error occurs: Exception from HRESULT: 0xFDD40111

  • Email - when sending emails, attachment names are sometimes lost, resulting in strange ATT00001 names

  • Emailing - When initiating an email from W5 to Outlook, the Outlook signature is not retained when sending a document

  • File Transfer - when user has access to "All" offices, error: User must have Insert access to the Owning or Handling Office in order to assign this File to this Office

  • General - deadlock errors are occurring more often than they should

  • Invoice Register - Branch filter is filtering on File Office instead of Invoice Office

  • Invoice report - Electronic Bank name not showing in some scenarios

  • Multi-Document Download - is allowing removal of documents and re-ordering after download started

  • Multi-Document Download - Not hiding the fax option if fax is not configured

  • Multi-Document Upload - file numbers are being double-formatted and only allow for file numbers up to 10 characters long

  • New Email - File # not being populated when sending an email through Outlook

  • Office - Logo - only accepts images where the file extension is lowercase

  • ReRating T+E is not recalculating Vendor Compensation

  • T+E - Compensation Rates - when setting a T+E to be not billable, the Compensation still remains Payable

  • T+E - Resource Compensation amounts are not recalculating properly when client values are changed by a user without access to change compensation amounts

  • T+E - Resource Compensation section is editable by users without Change access to compensation amounts (however changes were not saved)

  • Template Processing - Error after generating a large number of templates: Error creating Window Handle

  • Templates - Office Logo and User Signature macros are producing images that do not appear the correct size in WordPad

  • Updating W5 when W5 was started from a Pinned Taskbar shortcut, causes the update prompt again the next time W5 starts; W5 does not update

  • User Maintenance - Code Access - cannot delete the last item if no other Code Access has been granted

  • W5 Outlook Add-In - After entering an incorrect file # and selecting "Retry", the invalid File # is accepted

  • W5 Outlook Add-In - throwing Obj ref exception when first email item is actually a read receipt

  • Diary Calendar - Windows 10 - clicking anywhere in the calendar causes W5 to crash (only when Split Users is NOT selected)