Added features

- A/P - Accounts Payable features to compensate Resources

- A/P - Quickbooks Export Process modifications 

- A/P reports - add A/P Aging, A/P Transaction List 

- A/R - upon receipt of payment, adjust attached A/P Vendor Bills approved amounts

- A/R Aging / A/R Transaction List reports - add Office code column

- A/R Deposit Batch - Needs to filter by the current Office

- Action Trigger - Run Report and Attach to the File - ability to set reports saved as documents on the file as Private or Public

- Action Trigger - ability to capture the events of Diary execution and cancellation

- Action Trigger - add Conditions to check to see if other Action Triggers have or have not executed against the record in question

- Action Trigger - add Response to Reopen the File

- Action Trigger - add a Response that enables Summary Emails to be sent out on an Interval

- Action Trigger - add ability to Negate T+E up to a Limit

- Batch Document Printing - add ability to filter by User that added the Document, with quick option to filter for current User

- Batch Document Printing - default to only list documents that have been generated from a template; default the From date to today

- Billing Wizard - add live total to be billed on the T+E List tab

- Claim / Reserves - add individual options to hide the Incurred, Gross Loss and Recovery columns

- Claim / Reserves - add option to show Reserve Total column as zero when the file is closed

- Custom Reports - hide Report Types when user does not have access to any reports under that type

- Diary - also store the author and last modified by User on a Diary entry

- Document PDF Generation - Enhancement of page sized TIF files

- Eforms - show multi-line text fields in a slightly larger font

- File Maintenance - T+E List - show Invoice # on which the T+E was billed

- Generate Invoice - when generating an Invoice, automatically create A/P Bills for Resource's that need to be Compensated

- Login - add option to prevent Field Resource Mode users from logging into the W5 Windows application

- Mobile Web - Document Upload

- Mobile Web - File List/Search

- Mobile Web - Login

- Rating - enhance to allow for "All Expenses" and make forms more intuitive

- Reserves - add Reopen with New Balance functionality on closed reserves

- Reserves - add levelling transaction when closing a reserve even if there is no Outstanding Reserve

- Resource Compensation - Status Reports

- T+E - allow for Vendor values to be specified for purposes of compensation

- Vendor Bill Batch Payment - add Grand Total per Currency for Amount, O/S, Approved, Approved O/S and Payment Amount columns; add Tax ID column at the Vendor level

- Vendor Invoice module - remove old compensation module entirely

- Vendor Maintenance - add ability to specify a Default Payment Type

- Win PPM Cheque Request - optionally default the Payment Template; Hide non-matching Reserves when Template is specified

Fixed Bugs

#5696 Generate Invoice / Action Trigger - when more than one invoice is generated for a single Worksheet, only one of the invoices is executed against within Action Trigger

#6049 Win PPM Cheque Request - not updating the Cheque list / File on Save / Approve

#6052 User Maintenance - Copy User function allows an empty User ID to be created

#6109 Action Trigger - Any response that adds Documents and Locks them - error: You do not have access to Lock this [Document].

#6113 Name Maintenance - When the site option "Should new Names default the State/Province also?" is set to "Yes", it does not default the State, and when set to "No" it does default the State

#6130 Diary Calendar - clicking anywhere in the Notifications grid causes all rows to disappear

#6139 Web - Security setting to hide T+E rates is still showing Flat fee schedule rated values

#6144 T+E Edit (Web) - not taking hiding of Fee schedule rated Flat activities into consideration

#6225 Accounting Export - all accounting packages (except QB SDKs), produce error: Could not find stored procedure '_V1'

#6227 Accounting Export - After some issues are listed, the process halts and a single red dot is shown. Should show friendly error instead.

#6236 Document on File - Deleting a document causes error "Delete Access Denied! ?" when the user does not have Delete access on the General System Access feature (W5MAIN)

#6260 Eforms - when the height of an Eform is larger than the screen area and text is entered into a text field, the top of the Eform is scrolled into focus instead of the text field

#6326 User/Security Role Maintenance - Feature Access - changing a sub feature value moves focus to parent row

#6372 Claim - Action Triggers that occur when the Claim is updated and change values on the Claim, do not show the updated values when the Claim is viewed immediate after the update

#6374 Action Trigger - T+E Update event is not being caught properly

#6394 New Claim (using File Create Config) - is not setting the File Status to the Initial File Status

#6396 Custom Reports - when the "to" date of a date range was being defaulted to the end of some period (this month, last month, this year, last year, etc), the range was including data from the following day at midnight

#6446 Document Search - cannot search for documents with an apostrophe

#6531 W5 - Error: Could not load file or assembly "BCCORPW5Records.dll"...

#6533 File Transfer (Copy) - always stating error: Access prohibited due to Insufficient File rights

#6539 T+E Maintenance - Duration field is not properly set when adding a new entry after viewing an existing one

#6540 T+E Maintenance - typing an apostrophe into the activity field causes error: The expression contains an invalid string constant

#6541 T+E Maintenance - enter a value into the hours portion of the Duration field and not entering minutes, causes the value to be cleared upon exiting the field

#6542 T+E Maintenance - Pressing "New" while focused in the Charge field can occasionally produce error: specified case is invalid

#6547 File Activity Search, Document Search - Adding a Order by but then removing that field from the Field list will crash when pressing Go