Receiving Reminders

Issue:  I’m not receiving reminders.

1.  The Diary Calendar must be opened to receive Diary entry reminders:

(a) Click on the Home tab.

(b) Click on Diary Calendar in the Diary group.

Tip: Keep the Diary Calendar open all day so that you don't miss any reminders.

2.  The Remind Me button (in the Diary Calendar) must also be on to receive the reminders.   

Setting to Open the Diary Calendar as a Default

3.  You can set your W5 so that it will automatically open to the Diary Calendar when logging in.

(a) Click on the Home tab.

(b) Right-mouse click over the Diary Calendar and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar / Set to Auto-Start.

(c) Click on the Yes button to confirm that you want this at auto-start.