These instructions are followed when setting up individuals that log into the W5 system.

1.  Click on the Admin tab.

2.  Click on the Security button.

3.  Select Users.

4.  Select User Maintenance.

5.  When creating a new user who is replacing one that has left the company or will need the same security and access as someone already setup:

(a) Click on the User Id Lookup button and select the Code of the User that will be replaced.

(b) Click on the Copy button and fill in the following fields:

(c) User Id.

(d) Last Name.

(e) First Name.

(f) Email.

– OR – 

Enter in a new User Id profile if you are adding someone with unique requirements to your list of users.

6.  Click on the Options tab (left panel).

(a) Ensure that the correct User Type is selected (what he/she can/cannot do).

(b) Specify the Start Date (reflect the real start date).

(c) Click on the Set Password button, enter the password then re-enter it to confirm.

7.  Click on the Feature Access tab (left panel).


The security is set either in a Security Role (under the General tab).


 - OR -

Within the Feature Access tab (left panel) in the User Security form.

This security is not set in both.

8.  Click on the Rights tab (left panel).

(a) Set for the user (this determines which files the user can access).

9.  Click on the Save button.

Refer to the Assigning a License in W5 guide to attach this User/Adjuster/Resource to a new or existing license.