When creating a new user who is replacing one that has left the company and/or will need the same security and access as another user.

Go to: Admin > Security > Users > User Maintenance

1.  While on the General tab (shown on left panel), click on the User Id Lookup button and select the Code of the User that will be replaced.

2.  Click on the Copy button and enter the new user info in the following fields:

        a).  User Id.

        b).  Last Name.

        c).  First Name.

        d).  Email.

        e).  Ensure that the current Security Role displayed is appropriate for the new user.  To change/view other available Security Roles, click on the search button to open the list:

             *If no Security Role is displayed, or if you would like to assign custom access to this user instead of a Security Role, please find these instructions below at Step 4.

3.  Click on the Options tab (left panel).

        a).  Ensure that the correct User Type is selected (also determines what s/he can/can not do).

        b).  Specify the actual Start Date of the new user.

        c).  Click on the Set Password button, enter the password then re-enter it to confirm.

4.  Click on the Feature Access tab (left panel).

        a).  Ensure your new user has appropriate access

  *  If the user has been assigned a Security Role, this information will be read only.  To change this please go back to Step 2 (e).
  *  If the user has NOT been assigned a Security Role, this section can be changed after pressing Save as desired.

5.  Click on the Rights tab (left panel).

        a).  Set for the user (this determines which files the user can access).

6.  Press Save when finished with new User.

Refer to the Assigning a License in W5 guide to attach this User/Adjuster/Resource to a new or existing license.