A vendor is an entity (company or individual) who:

Vendor Type


Service Providers

Is on your roster and you engage to provide services to you on behalf of your clients. We call this type of vendor “Service Providers” and includes professions such as:

Ÿ· Doctor

· Nurse

· O.T.

General Vendors

Provides non-medical services to you such as:

· Interpreters

· Transportation

· Assistive Devices

Health Care Practitioner

Non-Roster Vendors

Is a health care practitioner who has been directly involved with a claimant in a capacity that you are either directly or indirectly reviewing on behalf of your clients. This would include:

· A treating professional whose diagnosis, prognosis or treatment

    is being questioned or reviewed

· A treating professional or a billing company whose bill for

    services rendered is being reviewed

Group Vendors

Is a scheduling or billing entity that manages a group of doctors


Is a clinic that provides treatments or examination rooms or both

1.1.  Direct Services

Direct services (examinations, interviews and tests) are normally conducted at locations to which the claimant must go. These locations can be:

· Provided by the scheduling group

●  Provided by a clinic

· The doctors own office

· If the service that you are providing is to be done at the claimants home or work then the claimants home or work would be

  considered the location


1.2. Locations

The following vendor types can have one or more locations that belong to them:

· Service Provider

· Group

· Clinic

Service providers may use not only their own locations (referred to as “private offices”) but they may also attend other locations set up as clinics and/or groups.

1.3. Service Provider Information in W5

These are the people that do the examinations and reviews. You can enter the following information for service providers:


●  Name and address

· Mailing address

· Accounting information

· Scheduling and/or billing Groups they belong to

  Locations (private offices, group and clinic locations attended)

· Notes

· Satisfaction rating

· Credentials and licenses

· Services provided and rates charged

You can also attach documents and images such as:

· A providers signature

· CV’s

· License images

· Etc.