Simple Searches (for Finding Claim Numbers in W5)

1.  Click on the Home tab.

2.  Click on File Search.

3.  Click on the Basic tab (in the left panel), if it is not already selected.

4.  Click in the Client Claim Number field and enter in the information you wish to search on.

Some examples are available in the Basic Search Operators section below.

5.  Set the search operator as needed for your Client Claim Number (details provided below).

Basic Search Operators

Searches for an exact match of the criteria entered.
Not Equals
Provide a list that excludes the specified criteria.  For example, you want to see all of the files that match the criteria except for “Smith”.
This option will look for your search criteria throughout the field it is being used in.  This is a very effective method for querying when you do not receive the expected results.
Starts With
The result begins with the criteria entered.
Ends With
The result ends with the criteria entered
(e.g., “85-01”would bring forward “003785-01”).

Status Search Operators for Fine Tuning the Results (Optional)

6.  In addition to the search criteria indicated above, specify one of the status search operators in obtaining the results that also have specific statuses.

File Status
  • Is Open or Closed
  • Is Open
  • Is Closed
  • Acknowledged or Not Acknowledge
  • Is Acknowledged
  • Is Not Acknowledged

7.  Click on the Search button.

The results matching your specified criteria will be displayed.

Additionally, you will be taken to the Results tab (in the left panel).

If you did not receive the needed results, click on the Basic tab (in the left panel) repeat the steps 3 through 7 above but select the Contains search operator and possibly enter less detail in the field you are searching on.  The Contains search operator provides flexibility by searching on the entered detail throughout the field whereas the other operators perform exact searches.

Exporting the Search Results to an Excel Workbook

8.  If you have not already done so, perform a simple search to obtain the records you seek for your Excel Workbook.

From the File Search window, with the Results tab (in the left panel), selected:

9.  Click on the Export button (at the bottom of the window).

10.  Indicate where you want the Excel workbook saved.

11.  Enter a File name: for the workbook.

12.  Click on the Save button.