Document Folders

The Document Folders feature provides the ability of organizing and managing large amount of documents for a file.

Document Folder Features

List all documents regardless of where they are.

Show the document not yet in a folder.

Create New Folder

Locked folders prevents documents from being moved to/from the folder.  Documents can be deleted from locked folders.

Delete folder

Rename folder

Refresh the folder list

Creating Document Folders

On a file:

1.  Click on the Documents tab (left panel).

2.  Click on the Folder button (appears between the left panel and documents list).

If the Folder button is not available, please contact your W5 Administrator as there a setting that enables the Folder feature, which is off by default.

3.  Click on the New Folder button to create a new one for that file.

Displaying the Documents in the Document Folder

4.  Click on the newly created folder.

The documents contained within the folder display.  In this examle, documents have not yet been moved to this folder.

The Document List Has Gone Empty?

The documents have not disappeared for this file.  A folder has been selected.

1.  Click on the Show All button to view all documents for this file.

Moving Documents into a Document Folder

1.  Click, hold and drag the document over the folder until the folder background turns black, then release the mouse button.

A prompt will display asking:  Are you sure you want to move the # selected documents to Folder Name?

2.  Click on the Yes button to move the document to the folder.

The document will be moved to the folder, if selected.

– OR –

Click on the No button to cancel the process.

3.  Click on the folder that you dragged the document into.

It will show the documents contained within.

Creating Document Subfolders

1.  Click on the folder you wish to create a subfolder for.

2.  Click on the New button.

3.  Enter a name for the subfolder, then press Enter.

4.  Repeat steps 1 through 3 to create other subfolders, if needed.

5.  Refer to the Moving Documents into a Document Folder or Listing the Un-Assigned Documents sections of this guide for filing the documents into the newly created folders/subfolders.

Listing the Un-Assigned Documents

This feature is very useful for identifying the documents that have not been filed so you can effectively move them into a folder.

1. Click on the Show Un-Assigned button.

A list of the documents that have not yet been filed will display.

2.  Refer to the Moving Documents to a Folder section of this guide for details on moving documents to a folder.

Collapsing the Document Folder Pane

To close off or collapse the folder pane:

1.  Click on the Collapse button that is on the border that separates the folder pane and the document list.

The Folder Pane collapses.

Searching for Documents

1.  Click on the Show All button to view all documents for this file.

2.  Click in the Document Reference search field and enter the first part of the document name you are seeking.

The documents matching the criteria entered will display.

Deleting Document Folders

1.  Click on the folder to be deleted.

2.  Click on the Delete button.

A prompt will ask:  Are you sure you want to delete folder name?

3.  Click on the Yes button to proceed.

– OR –

Click on the No button to cancel.

Deleting Document Folders that Contain Documents

W5 will not allow you delete a folder that contains a document.  The following prompt will display when if there is a document within the folder you are trying to delete.

4.  Click on the OK button to cancel the process.


Who can create document folders?
Everyone can create document folders.
Can I copy a folder structure?
You cannot currently copy a folder structure but we are looking into adding this.