Using the Billing Wizard

The Billing Wizard is one method of doing the billing that is associated with all of the services but not one in particular.  Instructions include, Using the Billing Wizard for:

● The ability of including multiple charges in one invoice

● Entering the date that you want to appear on the invoice

1.  Start Case Maintenance.

2.  Click on Case in the navigator panel.

3.  Click on the Action button.

4.  Select Billing Wizard.

The series of steps that the Billing Wizard goes through display in the panel on the left.

The Prev, Next and Exit Wizard buttons are available throughout the wizard so that you can navigate between the steps or leave the wizard entirely.

5.  The Please set Change cutoff and Invoice dates options:

(a) Charge Cutoff Date – Enter the up to date (mm/dd/yyyy), of the charges you want included in the invoice, e.g., these charges currently apply in this file:

if we set a date of 06/23/2015, only the ADMIN charge will be billed in the invoice.

(b) Invoice Date – Enter the date (mm/dd/yyyy) you want to appear on the invoice.

The Cutoff Date cannot be after the invoice date.

6.  Click on the Next button.

The Charge List is displayed, to include the totals of what is being billed (bottom of window).

You can make changes to a charge by clicking on the Active link.  A common change includes switching the charge between billable/non-billable by selecting or deselecting the “Charge is Billable” checkbox.  Save your changes and return to the Billing Wizard tab.  The Refresh button forces an update, if required.

7.  Click in the Hold checkbox(es) for the charges you DO NOT wish included in the bill you are generating.

8.  Click on the Next button.

The pre-invoice Checklist displays.

9.  Click on the Next button.

The Invoice type / Bank ID displays.

– OR –

Click on the Lookup button to select.

The Bank information is pulled from the file.

(a) The Please set Invoice Type: should be set to Interim.

(b) The Please set whether the Services billed should be closed after the invoice is generated:


When selected and once the Billing Wizard has concluded all of the steps and created an invoice, this takes the Exam service to completed (alternatively going through the Workflow Status Update - Billing, Take Action, End – to close Exam).

– OR –

Do not select if additional workflow processes occur after the invoice has been generated.

10.  Click on the Next button.

A Summary of detail relating to the invoice displays.  The information cannot be edited here, it is for display purposes only.

11.  Click on the Print Summary button.

– OR –

Click on the Exit Wizard button to cancel.

– OR –

Click on the Next button if everything is as it should be and you want to proceed.

12.  In the Complete window, ensure that the View in Set Fee No radio button is selected.

13.  Click on the Generate button.

A Report: Invoice and a Report: Voucher will be generated under their own tabs.