Snippets are templates used across emails and notes to include preset commonly used information or comments.

W5 Version Needed

1. Click on the Help tab.

2. Select About.

Version and above is needed for this feature.

Creating Email Snippets

1. Click on the Tools tab.

2. Click on Snippet Manager in the Other group.

3. Enter an email snippet Code.

4.  Enter a Description for the Snippet.

5. Click on the Result Type drop-down button.

6. Select Email/E-fax.

7. Enter the needed merge code into the Subject field.

8.  Setup the other email fields as needed.

(a) Text 

Enter anything in this field as a placeholder.

(b) Note Class 

(c) Email To 

(d) Email CC 

9. Click on the Save button (on the bottom toolbar).

Using Email Snippets

Go to Case Maintenance - only if you’re not already there:
Home tab > Load Case # (File Number) OR Load Name (Claimant) OR Claim # Search E(dit)

1. Click on the Refresh button (on the bottom toolbar) if the snippet was just created.

2. Click on the Action button (on the bottom toolbar).

3. Select New Email.

4. Select Uncategorized (or a Category if one has been created), then the email snippet of choice.

An email will be generated, for that case containing the information specified.