What's New

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Authy

Relying on just usernames and passwords to secure your online accounts is no longer considered safe. Data breaches occur daily and hackers are always inventing new ways to take over your accounts. Protect yourself by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). This blocks anyone using your stolen data or guessing your credentials by verifying your identity through your device. Speak with us to enable 2FA on your W5 to protect your data.  

More information about 2FA can be found here: What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Quicker access to edit, download, and save documents from the Documents list

With the new "Action" menu shown on each document record, you can now quickly choose to: Edit, View, Save As, or Convert the document to a PDF.

Claim General tab has been redesigned

The General tab has been touched up to present the relevant data in a clearer way.

On our Hosted W5 platform, Custom Reports can now run against a secondary read-only W5 database

The secondary read-only W5 database is a copy of the production W5 database which is kept up-to-date within seconds of the production database.  Running reports against the secondary database ensures that any long running reports will not impact users as they are working in W5.  Each report must be configured to run on the secondary database.  Please contact us to request this configuration option on your reports.

Require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 (Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 no longer supported)


  • Hosted W5 - added the ability to failover to a secondary document store in the event of the primary store being inaccessible
    • In the event of failure, the failover would be set by BCCORP engineers.
    • Because of how we have W5 configured on Azure, even in the event of a primary document store failure, all documents would still be accessible as read-only.  Then if the user elects to make changes to a document, the document would be switched to be stored on the failover document store instead.  
    • While in a failover state, any new documents would automatically be added to the failover document store.
    • The bottomline is that even if the primary site fails, it would not affect the users in any way.
  • Action Trigger Enhancements
    • Ability to run Free-Form conditions on non-File oriented records as well
    • Create Diary Response - added Activity parameter/field
    • Ability to capture when notes are added, changed, or deleted on Vendors, Clients, and Contacts
    • Capture when the Reported Date on the Claim is changed
  • Payment Processing Module Enhancements
    • Approval Group History (web) - approval group dropdown filter
    • Check Request List - add Amount Total
    • Cheque Request - List all possible user defined statuses which a user has access to when the user doesn't have access to the current status
  • Document Enhancements
    • Document Maintenance - when editing a document that was downloaded from W5, store backups of the local copies for a period of time instead of deleting them
    • Document Storage - Add support for local paths to be specified directly within the Document Store instead of in the Config file
    • Enhanced Templates - allow for DOCX templates to optionally be saved as TXT output
  • Background Service - Add support for private key authentication on SFTP file transfers
  • Background Service - ability to run a PDF-type custom report and export the results into a PDF or other document type and save as a Document, as a File on the server, or Email it
  • Client Search - add Account Type column
  • Deductible Recovery - allow for the Policy to indicate whether the deductible is across the whole file or per name
  • Invoice Print/Reprint - add Site Option that causes W5 to launch a separate report window for each invoice
  • New W5 Windows Application MSI Installer
  • T+E - When using Invoice Text mode add option to use Invoice Text for the attached Note Subject
  • Vendor - allow for 100 characters in the Vendor Name and Payee Name fields
  • XactAnalysis - ability to export Claims, Actions from W5 to XA, handle multiple XA Carriers


  • Action Trigger - "Update File Resource" response causes error: Column 'W5RI_File' does not belong to table W5Table_902_0
  • Bank Maintenance - performance issues when accessing the Summary tab
  • Cheque Request - Payee Account Number required error when updating cheque request with details tab selected
  • Claim - Notes - showing only the first number of characters of the email body is causing unicode errors in some cases
  • Custom Reports (Web) - Object reference error when clicking "View Report"
  • Document Maintenance - when clicking the "Save" button from the document list on the Claim, after the Document form is closed, the downloaded document is deleted
  • Document - "That record already exists" exception when adding multiple documents at the same time
  • Documents - thumbnails are not being generated for images attached to claims via the W5 Outlook add-in
  • Documents - Out of memory exception when trying to convert large documents to PDF
  • Documents - when downloading a document added prior to version sometimes it appears to be corrupted
  • Email - Reply All does not include all To / CC recipients
  • File List (Web) - clicking on the "File" heading produces error: Async request failed
  • New Claim (Program Entity) - error when insured names are shown from the policy records: Specified cast is not valid
  • Outlook Add-In - causes Outlook to lock MSG files that the user opens
  • W5 - After logging in after an update, a white box covers a part of the menu on the left side
  • W5 Outlook Add-In - fixed various compatibility issues related to recent updates to Outlook
  • W5 Outlook Add-In - not able to type the File # into the input field running Outlook 2016 (64-bit) under Windows 10 1903
  • Web Claim - if any user-defined file statuses are defined, the web user has access to change the status without requiring Update access on Claim